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Chimney Service In Shorewood, Wisconsin

shorewood chimney repair

The Village of Shorewood is a wonderful little area just north of Milwaukee and filled with history and great people. We've been a chimney service provider to residents of Shorewood for a while now and we always enjoy the respect and quality treatment we receive from this area.

The community aspect of Shorewood is up there with some of the best in Southeastern Wisconsin. The city has done a tremendous job over the years building up the local area. There are parks, restaurants, hiking trails and more, all within a few miles of each other. With the lake shore being so close also, it almost feels like a trip to a different state when you're in Shorewood.

The Village of Shorewood was officially recognized in 1917 and named appropriately after being called the Village of East Milwaukee. Thankfully, the residents of Shorewood made it a point to stand out and the nearly 13,000 current residents seem to enjoy the namesake.

Shorewood is also close to the major university here in Milwaukee, UW-Milwaukee. As a father myself, I can attest to the feeling of having a university so close to home makes you feel connected to the students, but at the same time gives them space to feel independent.

Considering the relative small size of Shorewood (it's only about 1.5 square miles total), you can understand why the people so much emphasis on community. You truly feel like a tight-knit community here in Shorewood while still have access to all the larger amenities of the urban-style Milwaukee downtown area.

And with household incomes averaging much higher than other areas in Milwaukee, it's no wonder people look to find good homes to buy in this area. Homes that likely will need some chimney repairs done at some point, or at least some chimney cleaning. Which is where we come in as a local and friendly chimney inspection and service company. We're proud to service Shorewood and the surrounding areas and look forward to serving you some day!

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