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Chimney Installation

house with big chimney

Believe it or not, your chimney is an important feature of the home. It isn’t just a lovely feature to your house, it also helps protect your home from carbon, smile, and flames created by the fireplace. When you have a chimney that needs to be reinstalled or one installed for the first time, MKE Chimney Repair can install it for you. We know the importance of a great masonry job when building and designing your chimney. With the proper training and experience, we can build and restore an old chimney in no time. Rely on us for comprehensive chimney installation services.


What is Included With Our Chimney Installation

Here is a list of our comprehensive chimney installation services offered, in Milwaukee:


  • Metal chimney installation
  • Woodstove chimney installation
  • Chimney rebuild
  • Custom chimney stain steel chase cover
  • Cap installation
  • Flue installation
  • Liner installation
  • Fireplace installation


It doesn't matter what type of chimney that you would like or what feature you would like for us to install, you can always rely on our experts to provide you with a fully functional and attractive chimney. You don't have to sacrifice the quality of service when you need a chimney built. We offer high-quality services at affordable prices.


Affordable Pricing

Many will avoid having the work done that has to be done because they may assume that the work that has to be done will be too expensive. If you are interested in having a chimney installed, give us a call and we will help by providing you with affordable services. Even if you're not sure if you need a new chimney, why not just give us a call and let us evaluate your chimney and provide you with a free estimate. In many cases, our customers are pleasantly surprised to learn that they can afford to have a new chimney installed.


Why Hire a Professional

There are some general contractors with the skills and ability to help with your chimney repair needs, however, when you are interested in having a chimney built, it’s best to rely on a qualified professional. A qualified professional will know exactly what has to be done and they are talented craftsmen. With their superior level of masonry, they can produce the best services possible. They will usually build a chimney that will last a lifetime. A qualified professional will usually evaluate their work several times before they have completed the job. Not to mention that some techniques with chimneys, like tuckpointing, take skill and practice to master. Professionals practice these skill often so the end results look amazing.


Efficient Chimney Services

MKE Chimney Repair is the most reputable chimney service in Milwaukee, WI. We have made a name for ourselves by consistently providing our customers with the most effective services. If you’re interested in any type of chimney inspection services, or chimney sweep or even a major rebuild,  you can always count on us to provide it to you, as we have a team of well-qualified, experts with the need skills. You are assured of getting the best value for your money by relying on us for your chimney repair and installation needs. If this isn’t a good enough reason to rely on us for your chimney services, we don’t know what is.

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