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Cap And Crown Repair

man repairs the top of the chimney

If you have a chimney then you should be concerned with chimney leaks. Having the right type of chimney cap/crown is essential to keeping water out of the chimney. Our certified technicians at Milwaukee Chimney Repair are often contacted to make cap and crown repairs because this is a problem that develops over time. Our full-service chimney sweep can thoroughly exam the top of your chimney so that they can identify the extent of the problem and create a plan to make the needed repairs. Contact us today for a chimney inspection and a free estimate.


Crown Cap

The chimney crown cap is a protective top placed over the top of your chimney. It helps divert water and debris from getting inside the chimney and coming through your fireplace. It allows smoke to come out, which is what you want to occur when you are using your fireplace. A cement cap is installed on top of that to prevent the chimney top from becoming loose and falling apart. As qualified professionals, our chimney sweep has the necessary tools needed to make the necessary repairs to your chimney crown or to replace the cap. They can perform this the same day they inspect your chimney.


Why Leaks Occur

A leak can often occur when there is a problem with the crown. In many cases, your chimney crown was constructed of leftover mortar when the chimney was built. Unfortunately, the chimney mortar cap crowns have hairline cracks that are created when they are initially installed. However, if your chimney crown is made from reinforced concrete and goes beyond the brickwork, you may never experience a problem with your crown. If you have the right type of crown, have good waterproofing and your chimney has been properly capped, it is even more unlikely that you’ll ever have to worry about your crown cap being replaced or repaired.


Why Get Cap Repairs

If you don’t want to have to tear your whole chimney down and start over again then have the chimney cap repairs when it is necessary. If you don’t have your cap repaired or you continue putting it off, the problem only becomes worse. You may have rain that has seeped into the chimney and frozen and then thawed out, creating a problem, such as leaks. This leads to very expensive repairs. We encourage you to have the repairs made as soon as they are needed.


Affordable Repair Services

We don't want you to have to break-the-bank to have repairs made and that is why we are happy to work with you to make sure that you can have the repairs made when needed. We take into consideration the extent of your service needs and your budget to create a plan that accommodates both your needs and your budget. MKE Chimney Repair wants to be your preferred chimney care service in Milwaukee and we'll do everything that we can so that we are, including offering you the most affordable pricing possible.

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